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December 29, 2012
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Afterlife Tournament: vs Charoilet by EpicPrincessofDoom Afterlife Tournament: vs Charoilet by EpicPrincessofDoom
Psycho jumped from roof to roof, trying to find her second opponent. She searched in buildings, sewers, alleyways, rooftops, and didn't spot a single girl with a rat tail and a metal plate-eye thing. Psycho stopped and sighed.

"This is soooo booooring~! I want to kill something so BAD~!" she complained to herself. "Oh, don't worry~ I'll find her eventually~ But what if I don't~? What if I'm stuck here trying to find her? Oh, don't be silly~ I'll find her~" She started making a conservation with herself, since she was all alone in the world for 1,000 years. As she was chatting with no one but herself, she could hear faint laughter and two pairs of feet walking. Sounds like there's two people coming here. She grinned at the thought and started running from roof to roof, until she could spot the girl she was looking for; Charoilet. She was also accompanied by a small green-haired boy with a yellow mask. 'Wow, he looks really stupid in that mask', she thought to herself while giggling. She then stopped. Trying to sneak attack them wouldn't be very smart for reasons like one of them could see her and warn the other so they can get away. She thought and thought on how she would kill them, then she looked at her scythe and grinned widely. She aimed her scythe at the two, and then threw it at high speed. Charoilet stopped in her tracks to listen. She then quickly shoved the young boy.

"Move it, lad!" Just in time, Charoilet pushed the younger, confused boy out of the way when the scythe landed near her leg. 'Damn, they moved. Oh, well~ More fun for me, then~' Psycho thought, as she jumped off the rooftop and landed beside the half-rat, causing Charoilet to move backwards to the green-headed child, and picked up her weapon. Psycho took a good look at the surprised girl. She had long, dirty blonde hair with a pair of goggles on her head, a long sleeved brown shirt, some black pants with a device on one of her legs, a rat tail, rat claws, her left eye was replaced by a metal plate. Yeah, that's her. She grinned.

"Well, there you are~" she said in a innocent tone. "Charoilet, right?" Psycho had to resist the urge to laugh after seeing Charoilet's shocked face.

"Oi! 'ow do ya know my name?!" she exclaimed. Psycho was always amused every time she saw someone looking shocked or scared. She grinned wider as she answered, "The robot thing told me that you are my next opponent," "It did wot?" "You heard me~ What, didn't a robot tell you that I'm your next opponent?" Charoilet looked a little worried. 'Guessing that the robot doesn't tell EVERYONE who their next opponent is~ Oh, well~ More fun for me~' she thought.

"I'm taking this as a 'no'," she replied to herself yet again. Well, then that means you don't know my name~" Psycho giggled. "I'm Psycho," Charoilet looked at her like she already knew she was 'psycho'. Boy, she has NO idea. Psycho looked at the smaller, frightened boy. Grinned.

"Who's the boy~?" she asked, not exactly caring who he was. I haven't seen him anywhere before. And what's with the stupid mask~?" Charoilet didn't look very happy and put an arm out in front of the boy.

"Okay, one: Palvo was one of da contestants......until I beat him...." She looked down to the ground, almost looking guilty. She shot her head back up towards the crazed maid. "And two: Palvo's mask isn't stupid!" Psycho hid her snicker, but in her head she was laughing her butt off.

"Oh, so he was a contestant and you beat him in battle?" she asked. She looked at the Palvo's bandaged torso, and nearly frowned. "Why didn't you kIlL him~?" Palvo whimpered in fear and started to tremble. Charoilet looked furious and shocked at the same time.

"WHY WOULD I DO 'DAT?!" she exclaimed in disbelief. Psycho tilted her head to one side, still smiling. "Well, isn't that what this tournament's all about?" Charoilet growled. "No! It's not!" "Awww, I thought it was~" she said, pretending to sound sorry. They both stared at each other for a while, then the girl finally broke the silence.

"Palvo...." Palvo looked at Charoilet with an 'eh?". "," Even with the mask on, Psycho can tell he widened his eyes. "W-What? B-But-" "I said: run," Palvo stared at her for a while, before turning and bolting away. Psycho smiled harshly at this. Then she began to laugh.

"Wot's so funny?" Charoilet hissed at her. After the blonde-headed maid calmed down, she looked at her victim. "It just amuses me how you pretend to protect that meek human," Again, Charoilet stared at her in disbelief. "Wot?! You think I pretended to protect him?!" "Why, of course~" she replied. "I know how you humans really are. You all manipulate and control each other to get what you want. Or maybe to even hurt them~" Psycho's opponent snarled and lashed at her. "YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING!" And thus, the battle begun. Here and there, blood flung in the air as they both slashed and cut each other, trying to defeat the other. The battle raged on and on, until Charoilet stuck her claws into Psycho's throat, making it difficult to breath. Psycho fell to the ground, motionless. The girl panted and panted, since they both fought from day till dawn. The British girl then lifted her chin and smiled in victory.

"F....Finally," she huffed out. "I defeated her....dat's wot you get fer mockin' us humans," "Miss Charoilet!" Charoilet turned around and saw Palvo running towards her. "You did it! You defeated her!" he managed to call out while running. Charoilet started to smile warmly at Palvo, her good eye filled with happiness and a hint of motherly love. The maid stood up, raising her scythe. Palvo stopped dead in his track in fear. "Miss Charoilet!! Dodge!!" "Huh-" A scythe went through her forehead, almost splitting open her head. Blood spilled down from her chin, to her chest and all the way to the ground. Psycho took out her scythe from her head and the British girl fell to the ground with a THUD. Palvo was trembling not from the blood, but from seeing his best friend laying on the ground, cruelly killed by the crazed maid.

"M-Miss.....Ch- Charoilet....?" he called out, whimpering. Silence. She was dead. Well, not for too long, since in the letter it said that when a contestant was defeated, they'll come back to life but will lose their power. But still, the way she was defeated was....was just CRUEL! "How could you do this to her?! She was my friend!" "Really? How do you know she wasn't uSiNg you~?" "W....What...?" Psycho stared at Palvo with a dark smile. "Your weak. Useless. And just plain stupid. Why would anyone want to be your friend~?" Palvo stared at Psycho. Behind his mask, he looked like he agreed with her. She was right. Right now, he's weak and useless. He can't fight anymore, so there's no way he'd be able to take her on when she wants to kill him. Palvo then had anger flaring up inside him. He thought back to Charoilet and what she said when she beat him.

........Tell ya wot kid. Win or lose I'll do everything in my power te help ya get alive again, no matter wot it takes......

Palvo clenched his fists.

"Your wrong...." "Huh~?" "Your wrong! She wasn't using me! She was being a friend! The very first true friend I've ever had since I came here! She said that even if she lost or won, she would still try to help me find a way to get my life back! And....." she lowered his voice. ".....she's like a mother to me....if it wasn't for her, I'd properly be wondering around town endlessly without purpose.....something you will never understand! You never had anyone close to you!" Psycho's eyes widened in insanity, grinning wider. Palvo can see fury in Psycho's eyes, even thought she was grinning. But there was something else in her eyes. Was it....depression and loneliness?

"You have NO idea, human. Not one bit," she suddenly shot at Palvo, slashing his stomach, which caused him to be knocked over. She laid one foot on Palvo's chest and raised her scythe, ready to swing it down. She stared deeply into Palvo's eyes through the mask. She could see fear and sadness. For the first time in her entire life.....she felt guilty. She could understand his fear and sadness. She felt that once too, when her own brother smashed her head against the wall without break until she died. Her hands shook, not bringing herself to swing it against the shaken boy. She jumped off the boy, confusing him.

"Consider yourself lucky, human~ Usually I kill all my victims, but your one of the rare victims who got away~ See you around~" She stared for a while, then turned and bolted away. Palvo finally sighed in relief. He heard Charoilet groaning as she slowly got up and straight away did he run -well, limped- over to her.

"Miss Charoilet! Are you alright?" "H-Huh...? Wot....?" Charoilet took a second to remember what happened. As soon as she recalled everything that had happened, she immediately sat up and looked at Palvo.

"That psycho maid! I'll find her and make her wish she 'ere never born!" She then spotted something red on Palvo's stomach and realized it was.....blood?! "Did she do that to you?!" "'s strange how she didn't finish me off...." "Don't fall for eet. She could be tryin' te lull us into false sense of security," "No, I don't think so....when she said 'See you later', her eyes......they were full of......



Why do I always end my stories all depressed?! *sigh* Maybe I'm becoming depressed myself ;__;

Charoilet belongs to (c) :iconzorarka:

Palvo belongs to (c) :iconbbsmj:

Afterlife Tournament belongs to (c) :iconlilpsychohtf:

Psycho belongs to (c) Me

Art belongs to (c) Me
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BBSMJ Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013
is so sad, yet has quite the suspense. C:
Thank you so much~ ;U;
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I think I was tired then..
So I'm just thanking you? X"D
EpicPrincessofDoom Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Your welcome? :iconfoxxdplz:
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BBSMJ Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2013
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EpicPrincessofDoom Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Your welcome? :iconfoxxdplz:
ConArtist-666 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
You really have an excellence for literature :clap:
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